Vinesh Raju Vinesh Raju

Installing Jellyfin Media System.

Jellyfish what?

No, “Jellyfin”.

It is a free, open source media system that allows to collect, manage and stream your media to all of you devices.

It’s like having your personal Netflix!

1. Install Docker

Update apt just in case

sudo apt update

Install latest version of docker

sudo apt install

Set Docker to run on start up

sudo systemctl enable --now docker

Grant your user permissions to docker

sudo usermod -aG docker <user>

replace with your username

Test if docker is installed successfully

docker --version

2. Install Jellyfin

Create a folder for Jellyfin to reside

mkdir ~/dockers/jellyfin

Create cache and config folders for Jellyfin to use

mkdir ~/dockers/jellyfin/config ~/dockers/jellyfin/cache

Create and run latest Jellyfin in a docker container

docker run -d \
-v ~/dockers/jellyfin/config:/config \
-v ~/dockers/jellyfin/cache:/cache \
-v /path/to/content:/media \
--net=host jellyfin/jellyfin:latest

replace /path/to/content

3. Launch

Navigate to http://serverip:8096. You should now be able to see Jellyfin